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Creative Merch Ideas To Make Money As A Musician

You may make some additional money, sustain yourself, and even pay for your next record by selling branded physical and digital merchandise online. It’s not a bad idea to earn a little extra cash occasionally. While you’re preparing to create new songs and do live performances, using your website and these creative merch ideas to sell merchandise and make money as a musician online is a fantastic choice.

Start by considering the many band merchandise options you may provide. Handcrafted goods may be challenging to replicate, but can be really pricey You may provide distinctive merchandise for all fans at various levels of commitment by striking a solid mix of personalized and scalable merchandise.

It’s necessary to have variety at your band merch booth, but initially, offering too much might be stressful. Take baby steps. You need excellent ideas to successfully create merch for your band, and we have the top 10 for you, saving you time and effort. With these creative merch ideas, you should be able to make cool money as a musician.

However, before we get started on our list of suggestions, here are a few pieces of advice we can give which you may not have thought about:

  • Recognize your profit margins. Determine the price at which each item must be sold to generate a decent profit.
  • Consider who will be watching. What are they after? What items are ideal for them?

You may find out what people enjoy by doing an Instagram or Facebook poll, or simply asking them at shows!

Integrating Printful into your artist website will enable you to test out customized merch without having to store or transport anything, which is a terrific way to increase the amount of merchandise you offer via your website. Let’s look at 10 different types of unique merch you may provide.

Loungewear and pajamas

Majority of us at Gfx collective work from home and prefer to do it in our PJs. Offer yoga pants or pajamas to wear around the apartment for individuals who like relaxation but also a little shine. Selling sweatpants or sleepwear to your long-term followers might be a wonderful idea.

Hats and Bags

You’ll need headwear if you’re traveling in the United States. Specifically, baseball cap headgear. In 2018, the hat and cap industry sector generated $2 billion in profits in the United States alone. Hats have become an excellent choice for both kids and adults.

Bags are wonderful. They are frequently used over time. Also, your logo is constantly on view whenever they are carried! Backpacks, tote bags, and handbags are all examples of potential items for you. Just be sure the bag you select complements your artist’s style!


Winter is on its way! It might be here already. Custom blankets are perfect for use at home. They are popular throughout the cold season.

Unique puzzle

Give your youthful followers something to do on their lengthy summer vacations at home! Make a puzzle out of your most recent album or single artwork. A little humor can help to keep your record in the thoughts of your fans. Even better, you may sell personalized decks of cards that feature your brand logo.

Keychains, pins, and stickers

I challenge you to find someone who dislikes stickers. These are fantastic for giving away as gifts at gigs when people buy your products. Particularly with regard to bags, pins work beautifully, and people adore sticking stickers on almost anything. Keychains are essential so that individuals won’t frequently misplace their keys or put them under a plant pot.

 Even if you price them reasonably well, you may sell them for a higher profit since they are cheap to create. Make your band known by using stickers.

T-shirts and sweatshirts

Adding your logo to the T-shirts and hoodies will make them stand out more in everyone’s closet because shirts are always in style. Compared to the usual black unisex t-shirt, it would seem more stylish and attractive with your band logo on it. Depending on the season, you may also customize zip-up hoodies, thin fleece, or thicker fleece with the cover art for your new record. T-shirts from concerts are the fans’ way of proving their attendance.

Cases for phones and laptops

This is an affordable method to keep your band’s logo in front of your followers and their friends regularly. Don’t forget to provide cases for iPhone and Android alternatives, as well as Mac and Windows desktop solutions, in a variety of sizes.

Offer your songs for sale.

A significant chunk of the marketing activities involve CDs and vinyl recordings. This kind of merchandise gives your music a physical shape. It represents your music. It allows your audience to relate to it in a manner that ensures ongoing interest. Custom-printed vinyl albums are pricey, but they may pay off handsomely if your fans are interested.


For many reasons, notebooks make great items. You can predict the number of notebooks that will sell if your target market is the younger generation. Notebooks may quickly expose your band to a larger number of people that exactly match your target audience. As a result, notebooks cater to a wide range of age groups.

Posters with signatures

Ensure you always retain any surviving posters from your performances. Silk-screened or hand-painted posters, are great for your devoted fan collectors. They can be snapped up as keepsakes.

By offering them for free, you may encourage customers to purchase your merchandise in addition to raising additional income.

Have you ever sold products before? Do you have any creative merch ideas in store that you can share to make money online as a musician? Please put them in the comments section below! Additionally, share with us in the comments which concept you tested and is presently working for you.

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