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Why Do You Need A Music Website As A Musician?

Even if you already have a strong online presence on social media, having a music website will help you stand out from the crowd as a musician. It is not enough to rely just on social media. If you want to come out as professional, you must get a website. By making an investment in a music website as a musician, you may demonstrate to others how seriously you take your musical profession. Let’s start by discussing the reasons a music website is essential for a musician.

You Get Your Own Virtual Hub. And Full Control

Your music website functions as a sort of virtual hub, a one-stop shop where you can find anything, and your own, wholly owned internet property.

You should establish a music website so that music bloggers and promoters won’t have to search the web for the information they require while writing about you or your most recent album.

In a similar fashion, a website is the ideal location to house an EPK (electronic press kit), making things much easier for journalists as well. The easier you make it for journalists to write about you, the more likely it is that your album will feature in their publication.

Record labels, managers, and agents will find out more about you (all the information you want them to know! ). They can learn about upcoming live performances or tours, and, of course, discover more music by searching for or clicking on your music website from your social media and streaming platforms.

Growing Your Email List

Websites are also great for nurturing, expanding, and keeping in touch with your fan base, both through the website itself and by newsletter email after you’ve obtained their contact information. One method is social media, although it’s not as trustworthy or robust as email. To grow your email list, you can use your website to request an email address in exchange for a free music download.

A great approach to advertise your future releases, tours, and campaigns is to communicate frequently via email.

Increase Organic Traffic

Your artist name and the most recent music you’ve released can be mentioned in the text on your pages if you have your own music website as a musician. You can select a custom name based on the name of your band or musician. Google will therefore match your band’s keywords to your website (album names, tracks, hip-hop, blues, etc.). Your music website gains more authority than a social network account when it ranks highly in search results.

Sell Your Music and Merch Directly

Once you’ve built a solid fanbase, you’ll undoubtedly find that it’s much more easy to sell merchandise and music directly on your music website. You can certainly try to sell music through a Facebook or Instagram shop, but is it a good idea? Most likely not.

You Can Do Everything and Anything You Want

You can make your website into anything you want. Your website’s design can be based on the cover art of your most recent record. You can also choose a color scheme that matches the mood of your music. Articles and photographs allow you to be more personal than you would be on networking sites. Fans will continue to visit your website if it has engaging content that showcases your music. You, as an artist, have the freedom to express yourself however you want on your music website. Doing the same on some other platforms may have unpredictable consequences.

Without the worry of breaking the law, being taken down, or permanently losing your fan base, you may take a gamble, explore new ideas, and actually get things done.

You Cannot Rely On Social Media

Many musicians had amassed sizable fan bases on social media platforms, but as those platforms died, they watched as their fan bases disappeared before their very eyes. They were unable to use them to launch new careers or get in touch with them ever again.

Anyone still using MySpace?

When you maintain an effective website, your audience will get used to returning to your band’s website as their main source of information about you. Your website will be the first place new followers discover you and realize it’s the best way to interact with you. Do you see what I mean?

Social media platforms might vanish over night. Additionally, there are several restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your profile on websites like Facebook. Regardless of how much you want to think that social media will always exist, Uncle Mark can just leave and turn off the servers if he’s having a terrible day with his stockholders. (I hope not 😆).

So you might ask, how do I get started?

There are different platforms that you can choose from. Each of these platforms mentioned below have several templates that you can choose from depending on your style or band

You can get started with these platforms for free and upgrade later. However, I prefer to use WordPress or Squarespace because of it’s simplicity and flexibility. If you need more info about these website platforms please feel free to contact the team. However, if you want to design your website yourself, you can get started with Squarespace. We can also help you design your music website on any platform of your choice. Request a quote and talk to us about your concept. We are willing to help you out with any questions you might have.

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